Computer Phone Call is a perfect guide to telephony via internet.
Did you know?
That thanks to VOIP call generator technology (voice over internet protocol) you can call from your PC via internet any where in the world at the lowest rates imaginable.
That you could get access to free internet phone calls in certain cases. Computer Phone Call are easy and available to anyone.

All you will have to do is to download a small telephony program. Every company offering these products has it's own program with there own functions.
The quality of voip call generator systems has recently improved tremendously, it now reaches normal telephony standards it’s even superior in somes cases, especially if you have a high speed connection.
Some accessories will also improve the quality of the sound. In this guide we will present to you a list of those accessories at their best possible price.


Pc to phone Call (usually refered to as net2phone) commonly used by a number of people to make free phone calls.
It’s a fact that you can call freely with their system. But be aware that you will not be able to call worldwide freely indefinitly.
Some companies will provide you with a free access code for you to try their system. With this code, you will be able to call freely, from 5 to 15 minutes generally depending on where you are calling.
On the other hand, you can call anywere anytime free of cost indefinitly, but that is from PC to PC, not from pc-to-phone. Often companies will use this as a leure making customers believe that they can call freely with no limit.
You must read carefully what is being offered to you and avoid being trapped or fooled. We have chosen for you a few very good companies.
You can compare there rates and the services that they provide those companies are reliable, and you can trust them. Making internet phone calls, allows you to phone inexpensivelly worlwide from anywhere.
With computer phone calls guide you will easely get the best possible deals on all your PC-to-phone calls. With accessories such as headsets, handsets you will use PC-to-phone calling even more.
Pc to phone calling is a great way to keep in touch with those who mean the most to you.


Prepaid international calling cards are also available on the market. With an international calling cards no computer or Internet connection is required to make your calls.
Such cards will allow you to call anywhere in the world through your regular home-phone or you cell phone they are very simple to use.
You dial the card company number, then a PIN number that identifies the specific card you are using, followed by the number you desire to be connected with. These card’s offer you excellent rates as well.
The reason why these cards can offer you such low rates is that the companies issuing them are using the same VOIP technology some where in the process.


Handsets feel so much like your standard home telephone that you'll forget you're calling over the Net, until you see the huge savings. These handsets provide a private, quiet alternative to PC microphone and speakers.

A headset allows you to call while having both hands available to type, use other programs, take notes or move around while talking. This hands free aspect is a major benefit to using a headset.

Adaptors allow you to turn your existing home phone into an Internet phone. Adaptors are very simple to install, plug and play external devices. When the phone is not in use the microphone and speakers operate as usual. When you pick up the phone, the speaker and microphone shut off and the sound comes through your standard phone.

A broadband phone is a device that allows you to make calls with a regular phone over high-speed Internet connections, such as Cable or DSL. The advantages are tremendous: no computer is necessary, superior sound and regular telephone experience. With broadband telephone services you can make and receive calls worldwide over your broadband Internet connection.